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USACS Scholars Program About More Than Training Leaders

Here’s a little secret about the Scholars Program from National Director of Scholars Dr. John Casey, one of its core faculty: the Scholars Program isn’t just for the scholars. Every year, a group of about 30 physicians and APPs go through the program, which is ostensibly designed for USACS clinicians interested in moving into leadership […]

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What It Really Means To Have Your Work Be A Family

A family, says Dr. Kurtis Mayz, doesn’t always get along: “It’s not all rainbows and butterflies,” he said in a recent interview. “We fight, we have our disagreements, we play together, we love together, and at the end of the day, we’re a family. We all pull together in the same direction and we move […]

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The Shift’s Top 5 Most-Read Blog Posts of 2018

Dr. David Klein’s post on “Dying With Dignity” didn’t just top the list of most-read posts from the past year. It touched a nerve unlike anything The Shift has ever published. Writing a little over a year after his own father passed away in his sleep, Dr. Klein, the USACS National Director of Quality, recommended […]

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Dr. Tony Cirillo On Politics, Winning ACEP’s Excellence in Health Policy Award, and Getting Back “A Little Bit of the Soul”

Dr. L. Anthony Cirillo had been working on the industry-wide battle to get a reasonable replacement to Medicare’s “Sustainable Growth Rate” formula for more than a decade before Congress finally acted. Since 2002, Congress had been passing a series of “doc fixes,” one after another, to prevent the SGR from causing gigantic cuts to physician […]

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Working Shifts on Nantucket: “What Medicine Is All About”

Speaking with the providers who staff the emergency department at Cottage Hospital on Nantucket Island, one word keeps coming up in their descriptions: magical. Even then, Nantucket seems to evoke a special kind of magic, a kind of nostalgic wistfulness for the most perfect, wonderful, calming place in the world. They talk about the island’s […]

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A Growing Trend: Dr. Jesse Pines Moves to USACS

On July 12th, a widely known, highly accomplished emergency physician from one of the country’s finest academic institutions tweeted the announcement that Dr. Jesse Pines had joined US Acute Care Solutions: wow, I missed that @DrJessePines is moving to @USACSolutions Congrats to Jesse and huge gain for USACS. interesting data point in shifting sands of […]

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