Location! Location! Location! Meet Nnenna Ejesieme in San Antonio, TX

Senior Director of Quality for Baptist Medical Center Nnenna Ejesieme, DO, truly loves practicing medicine in San Antonio and strives to be the very best for her patients.

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Q&A with Nnenna Ejesieme

Q. What drew you to the San Antonio area?

My sister was in dental school here and we had already planned on living together after getting out of Residency. I interviewed at a few places but fell in love with the team at BMC downtown and the patient population I would get to care for. There was true compassion for life and friendship from the security staff to the family members of the ill. I haven’t left since.

Q. What is unique about your hospital system & location that you don’t think you would find anywhere else?

The most moving part of being in San Antonio is honestly the patients. They are the most gracious, thankful and patient group I’ve met. The overall experience makes you want to do better, be better and until you are the best not for your self. Never for yourself, but for them. Add on the diligent nursing staff and you truly fall in love with BEING at work.

Q. What are some major health concerns/unique challenges for the specific population you serve?

One big concern that I have and am advocating for in 2020 is healthcare transparency. With the first step being integration and communication of our current EHR systems. Giving our patient access to their health information as well as other groups that work in the health care would help mitigate some of the increased cost, blend practice management styles, and aid in medical dialogue between patients and their providers.

Q. What kinds of opportunities can a physician expect with Baptist Medical Center and with US Acute Care Solutions?

There are lots of growth and leadership opportunities not just within the Baptist Healthcare system but also in the community such as American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, The University System, etc.

Q. How do you feel that USACS has supported you with challenges or opportunities?

USACS has been my mentor. They have challenged me to try new things, opened up speaking opportunities, invitations to advocacy and lastly, guided me on how to become a better leader by introducing me to leadership opportunities.

Q. What’s the most important advice you give to new physicians?

Don’t stop learning. I try to use every patient opportunity that I have to try and learn something new and refresh on something.

About Dr. Ejesieme

Dr. Ejesieme has practiced at the Baptist Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. since 2017. Dr. Ejesieme is a member of Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council , YPS Alt for ACEP and volunteers as an American Heart Association STEM Mentor. She is a 2017 recipient of the John M. Geesbreght Clinical Excellence Award and was a 2019 USACS Scholars participant. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, her medical degree from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her emergency medicine residency at University of Texas Southwestern. She is a USACS Scholar and completed the program in 2019. In her free time she loves running, dancing, and Five Guys French fries.