Location! Location! Location! Suprina Dorai in Burnet, TX

Dr. Suprina Dorai is passionate about mentorship, diversity, and inclusion. She’s making a difference by being a leader in Burnet, TX!

Q. What do you enjoy about working for Seton Highland Lakes?

The community in Burnet is small and tight-knit. We have an amazing nursing staff in the ED, who go above and beyond for patient care! It also helps that our patients show genuine gratitude for the care we give and their “thank you” goes a long way.

Q. How do you feel that USACS has supported you with challenges or opportunities?

USACS has helped me further my medical career with opportunities for leadership and career growth. I became ED Director my first year with the company and found a great sponsor in my regional VP. This relationship led me to my current position as a Senior Director of Quality.
Attending USACS Assemblies as a director led me to network and meet great physicians with whom I was able to build relationships with to work on other passion projects of mine including mentorship and diversity and inclusion.

Q. What’s the best advice you ever received as a physician?

To treat patients knowing this may be the worst day of their lives. We all have days when we seem to only treat low acuity complaints and we wonder why patients come to the emergency department instead of their family doctors. We don’t know what else is going on in the patient’s life, or if they have a FP or if simply this is indeed an emergency to them. If we treat patients with empathy for their complaint, our care can be something they look back on with gratitude.

Q. What’s the most important advice you give to new physicians?

Find something in medicine that ignites a passion and pursue it. Just working clinical shifts can lead to burnout if you don’t feel a purpose in your work. If you find something you care about and work within that arena, it can help increase your years in this profession. For example, I am passionate about promoting diversity in leadership and have worked on the creation of a Women in EM Leadership conference in Texas. I now feel a purpose in my work and look forward to pursuing more in this field.

Q. What do you do to encourage a healthy & happy work environment?

I value any feedback and make myself approachable when it comes to ideas to improve our workdays. Wellness at work is another passion of mine. We have a “snack” corner in our ED doc area full of healthy snacks and drinks. I also like to provide a little friendly competition between us and am looking forward to getting our group to join a race this year!

About Dr. Dorai:

USACS South Region Senior Director of Quality Suprina Dorai, MD, FACEP serves as emergency medical director at Seton Highland Lakes in Burnet, TX. Working at both Seton Highland Lakes and at Seton Williamson, Dr. Dorai mentors both medical students from A&M University College of Medicine as well as the EM residents at UT at Austin Dell Medical School. Dr. Dorai has served on the Board of Directors of the Hawaii ACEP Chapter as well participated as a fellow of the Texas ACEP Division. She earned her bachelor’s degree from New York University and her medical degree from Saba University School of Medicine. Dr. Dorai completed her emergency medicine residency at Lehigh Valley Health Network.