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Meet PA-C Gretchann Cline at Baptist Health System in San Antonio, TX!

Location - Gretchann Cline


About Gretchann:

I grew up in a small town in South Texas called Natalia. I’ve loved emergency medicine since I was a little girl. My dad is a professional San Antonio firefighter and volunteered as a paramedic in our small town. As a little girl, I would listen to all of his stories and knew I wanted to be involved in that realm of medicine. After high school graduation, I went to Texas A&M University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science. After several years of working in preclinical trials for cancer research I decided I wanted to pursue being a PA, and in 2013 I received my Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. I’m married to my husband, Michael, a middle school teacher to students with special needs. We have three boys – Aaron, Aiden, and Austin – who keep us on our toes daily. We love watching Spurs games and playing outside in our big backyard.

Q. What drew you to the San Antonio area?

I love San Antonio because it’s one of the larger Texas cities but has a small town feel. The price of living is great and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. I also love that it rarely gets cold here.

Q. What do you enjoy about working for Baptist Health System?

Working for BHS has been so enjoyable because we are a very tight knit group. We have many social events with everyone on our team including scribes, nurses, techs, physicians, and APPs. We feel like a big family, and that makes working with everyone so much fun.

Q. What are some major health concerns/unique challenges for the specific population you serve?

We serve a population that doesn’t have adequate access to medical resources and are un- or underinsured. They also have multiple comorbidities which makes managing their medical emergencies a challenge.

Q. What’s the most important advice you give to new clinicians?

Find joy in the small victories in your day. There aren’t many cases where you will feel hugely victorious so take note of and feel grateful for the small things. Always recount the time you were able to find a patient a low cost prescription they could afford, the time you reassured a pregnant patient that her baby still had a heartbeat, or the time you helped to decrease a patient’s back pain so that they could sleep better that night. These are all huge impacts on that patient’s life.

Q. What would you say to someone considering a position at your hospital?

Come join us! You will love it here. Your colleagues will truly feel like your second family, which will make your work days enjoyable.

Q. What do you do to encourage a healthy & happy work environment?

Bringing food in for my colleagues makes everyone happy. Also a small amount of recognition goes a long way so I make it a point to recognize when someone has gone above and beyond for one of our patients and has made a difference that day.