Weekly Wellness: Set the standard

Physicians are leaders who have worked long and hard to achieve their goals and earn the privilege of caring for their fellow human beings with expertise and skill.

But as human beings, physicians, too, are always learning and growing. As lifelong learners, one thing that may either come naturally – or not – is to set the standard for how others treat us. We cannot control what comes out of our patients’ or colleagues’ mouths, but we can determine how we allow ourselves to be spoken to and do not have to put up with violent or rude behavior, as Dr. Jess Badwards explains in her weekly blog.

Weekly Wellness Tip

This week, do not allow yourself to be treated poorly. If you are, talk with a supervisor about it, and commit today to no longer allowing yourself to be mistreated.

By Dr. Jess Badwards | bewellhealwell.com