Wellness Wednesdays: Forgiving Yourself

two hands with palms facing up, holding a piece of paper with "forgive" written on it

Becoming a physician is a long process, and to get where we are, we’ve had to hold ourselves to the highest of standards. As such, we are our own harshest critics.

In our profession, that can make things difficult. We are human. We make mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes are the difference between life, death, and disability.

You must find your own way to learn from your error, forgive yourself, and move on. Whether through talking with colleagues, meditation, prayer, sharing with friends and loved ones, etc., it is necessary to find a way to cope with imperfection.



The next time you make a mistake in your practice, take some time to reflect on what went wrong, how you can learn from it, and the best way to forgive yourself.

Dr. Jessica Badwards
By Dr. Jessica Badwards