USACS Speakers Bureau Now Available for Any Emergency Medicine Residency Program in the Country

For Dr. Jestin Carlson, the USACS Speakers Bureau was a way to solve his own problem, so to speak. Carlson is core faculty at St. Vincent Hospital, a small emergency medicine residency program in Erie, Pennsylvania. While he and his fellow faculty at the program are all accomplished educators in emergency medicine, the reality is that resources – and knowledge – are limited. “There is only so much expertise,” Carlson said.

Enter the US Acute Care Solutions Speakers Bureau, a national program now being offered to residency programs nationwide.

The idea originated last year between Carlson, Dr. Amer Aldeen, USACS’ Chief Medical Officer and Nilantha Lenora, Chair of the Education Committee. As US Acute Care Solutions had grown, bringing together experienced clinicians from around the country, Drs. Aldeen, Carlson, Lenora and others in the group who held responsibility for clinical education realized they could draw from an incredible array of combined expertise.

The effort started as a way to simply document and record all the subjects on which USACS clinicians could teach, and then leverage that expertise to educate. The effort would help not only staff physicians throughout the country, but core faculty at the eight USACS residency programs nationwide.

“We wanted to have a way that we could identify what topics we have experts for, who those experts are, and share that information with others,” Carlson said.

The result was the USACS Speakers Bureau.

Ultimately, Carlson, Aldeen, and other clinical educators decided that the group’s commitment to educating clinicians should also extend beyond just US Acute Care clinicians. Thus, the program was opened to any residency in the country. Any educator or residency director can request a USACS speaker on any of the topics listed, and USACS will pay for the speaker to travel to the residency program to do a lecture.

“We are a company that values education and values an individual’s continued learning,” Carlson said.

So far, more than a dozen programs, both USACS and non-USACS, have requested guest lecturers through the program, including programs located everywhere from Florida, to Ohio, to Oklahoma.

“The Speaker’s bureau is a great value to the program,” said Dr. Joseph Dougherty, the residency director at Ohio Valley Medical Center. “It provides an avenue to get speakers… The amount you learn by writing and lecturing helps in practice. It’s just so hard to get it all in.”

It was Carlson himself who went to lecture at Daugherty’s program, speaking on Airway. USACS also sent Dr. Arvind Vekat to lecture on the importance of Advocacy in emergency medicine.

“We have such great educators in our company, that’s not something that’s proprietary,” Carlson. “We feel that sharing it benefits everyone.”