USACS Hospitalist Ryan McQuillen, MD, Earns Consecutive Physician of the Year Awards

US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) provides ample opportunities for any physician or APP to find a position which best suits their needs. For Ryan McQuillen, MD, Assistant Medical Director, the USACS model supplied the opportunity to serve patients at both Mercy Health Springfield Regional Medical Center and Mercy Health Urbana Hospital in Southwestern Ohio. Given his unique position, Dr. McQuillen interacts and works alongside two talented medical teams. Though his time may be split between the two locations, it has no impact on his ability to collaborate and build strong relationships with his colleagues as he was selected as the 2023 recipient for Mercy Health Urbana Hospital’s Physician of the Year Award.


“It is an honor to be the recipient of this award. I don’t know how I snuck through and got it, but it really is a tremendous honor,” said Dr. McQuillen. “I’m grateful my colleagues view me as a worthy candidate for such a title. It wouldn’t be possible without them!”


Not only did Dr. McQuillen receive this award for the Urbana location, but he was also named the recipient of the same award for the Springfield location in 2022. The back-to-back awards speak volumes about Dr. McQuillen’s dedication and team player spirit as noted by Austin Al-Kazaz, MD, Regional Medical Director, North Division.


“Dr. McQuillen is beloved by everyone he encounters including his patients, colleagues, and medical staff,” said Dr. Al-Kazaz. “He is always more than willing to help the team and prides himself on providing quality care. He is invaluable to the team, as well as the hospital, and he has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”


Inspired to go into medicine due to a drive to help others and a natural gravitation toward math and science, Dr. McQuillen decided at a young age he would make it his goal to become a physician. This drive grew stronger during high school when he began volunteering at his local emergency department to gain a better understanding of the field.


After earning his medical degree at Chicago Medical School in North Chicago, Illinois, hospitalist medicine became the obvious choice for Dr. McQuillen as he evaluated his options for residency.


“At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to specialize in because I love all aspects of medicine,” reflected Dr. McQuillen. “After giving it more thought, I landed on pursuing hospitalist medicine since it would allow me to apply my skills in a variety of scenarios. I’m glad it was the direction I ended up pursuing because I thoroughly enjoy being a hospitalist and it has proven to be a fulfilling career so far.”


Dr. McQuillen began with a legacy group three years ago and is an active hospitalist at both Mercy Health Springfield Regional Medical Center and Mercy Health Urbana Hospital. As for his motivation for providing quality care, it stems from a sincere appreciation for holding the credentials MD.


“I absolutely love my job,” relished Dr. McQuillen. “From my role as an assistant medical director to taking care of patients at the bedside and everything in between, I love being able to apply the knowledge and training I’ve gathered from the tremendous teachers who played integral roles in my academic endeavors. I arrive at the hospital every shift feeling fortunate to be living out my dream.”