Patrick Desamours, MPAS, PA-C, MBA, SFHM named to the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) at Carroll Hospital in Westminster, MD

Regional IAC APP Lead Patrick Desamours, MPAS, PA-C, MBA, SFHM was recently named to the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) at Carroll Hospital in Westminster, MD.

“APPS are not typically part of MEC,” Desamours said. “So to be appointed as MEC member at large, it shows that APPs are being considered as integral members of the medical staff and our hard work and voice are valued.”

As the APP Lead, Desamours said he has successfully worked closely with his medical director to improve staffing, retention and other processes such as compliance, billing and documentation at Carroll. He earned his master of science to become a PA from the University of Charleston and also earned an MBA from Louisiana State University.

“My work has been focused on supporting and working with my peers to provide the best care to our patients in a fair and respectful environment while balancing our personal lives,” he added. “I’ve also worked closely with the medical director, director of quality and regional medical director to implement initiatives to improve quality and safety metrics. Based on its geographical location, Carroll can be challenging and requires providers who are dedicated, not only to medical care, but also to patient education and satisfaction.”

Desamours’ desire to become a PA was driven out of compassion for others.

“Things that weaken our body and spirit make us vulnerable and I had witnessed people lacking the bare necessities and being disregarded during their time of need, so I chose to be a PA to gain valuable skills to help others with love and respect during times of uncertainties,” he said. “This is also the reason I founded a nonprofit organization, Leve Soval, to benefit the overlooked rural population of Haiti.”