Full Circle

Dr. Jan Jones (left) pictured with her mom and sister, Cheryl Thoerner, an NP for USACS.

Growing up, one of Dr. Janice Jones’ favorite things to do was to, with her father and sister, take her mom lunch at the hospital where she worked as a NICU nurse practitioner. She would get to go on a tour and remembers thinking that her mother did remarkable work.

“Each year, there was a picnic with the NICU grads,” Jones, MD., said. “All these families were always so appreciative of my mom. That has always stuck with me. My mom was why I wanted to go into medicine, and she’s always really encouraged me to try.”

After graduating from University of Cincinnati’s Medical School, Dr. Jones completed her residency at the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University where she was chief resident. After her training, Dr. Jones wasn’t planning on immediately moving back home to Cincinnati. However, USACS had an opening in her hometown at Mercy Health – Anderson Hospital.

“I was blown away by the USACS model,” she said. “I loved the openness, the transparency. So I called my husband and asked, ‘How do you feel about moving back home?’”

Move home they did, and she and her husband (her high school sweetheart; their prom picture is next to their wedding photos!) built a life together there, which includes two little boys, Graham and Gus, a Beagle, lots of boating, and a growing career. Dr. Jones went through the USACS Scholars program several years ago and has since become the Medical Director of Mercy Health – Clermont. She also was the first woman elected to the chief of staff position at Clermont, an accomplishment of which she’s extremely proud.

Dr. Jan Jones, pictured at Mercy Health Clermont Hospital, where she was the first woman to be elected to Chief of Medical Staff.

“I love my work, the support of our group,” Dr. Jones said. “I’m able to balance my clinical work with what I can do outside of my shifts – I’m able to get what I really need for my wellness and overall state of being. At USACS, I’m a part of this incredible supportive community who thinks of me not just as a clinician, but also a person. Our motto is to care for patients, but I also feel truly well-cared for as a clinician. USACS doesn’t just talk the talk, but also walks the walk through the WRG, Wellness, etc.”

Dr. Jones has been involved in USACS outside of her hospital work – for the past several years, she has chaired the Women’s Resource Group so that she can support other women in the organization.

“As I’ve progressed as a leader, it’s been really important to have female leaders and to BE a female leader,” she said. “Others will see themselves more in a leadership role if there’s a wide representation of leaders. For example, I’m a mom, and I think that motherhood has actually made me more efficient and intentional in how I protect my time and others’ time. From a clinical standpoint, it has given me so much more empathy and compassion.”

Dr. Jones said she has been fortunate to have wonderful mentors, both women and men.

“My regional VP, Mike Argus, has encouraged me for leadership every step of the way,” said Dr. Jones. “He’s always been a sponsor, mentor, and part of my leadership growth. There have been times I’ve doubted myself, but he has always been there to support me. I’m really lucky to have a mentor like Mike. When I look back on my career path, I’m grateful to have had those who care about the growth of others in multiple ways, and I strive to be that leader for others.”

Dr. Jones is indeed supported by an excellent team at Mercy-Clermont.

Sisters NP Cheryl Thoerner (left) and Dr. Jan Jones.

“I couldn’t be more happy with the people I work with, and I know that’s really special,” she said. “It has a big ‘work family feel’ and we’ve built an incredible culture together. As a leader, I tried to create that vision and I do everything I can to nurture it.”

One of Dr. Jones’ team members happens to be her sister, Cheryl Thoerner, who is a nurse practitioner for USACS.

“We’ve come full circle,” said Dr. Jones. “Now Mom brings us lunch to the hospital. And we love it!”