Wellness: Expectations

Do you expect to be perfect? While it is important to aim for perfection, it is impossible to be perfect.

USACS clinicians have a lot of tools in their toolbox to help us be excellent, such as, first off, providing excellent care, and also FailSafe, other apps, continuing education, and clinical management tools.  We do our best to provide the most perfect care we can. But we’re still human.

In this week’s Wellness blog, Dr. Jess Badwards discusses how to move on when mistakes are made.

Weekly Wellness Tip

By Dr. Jess Badwards | bewellhealwell.com

This week, don’t make excuses for your mistakes. Don’t obsess over your mistakes. Bring them to mind, learn from them, then let them go. You will make mistakes. That doesn’t make you a bad doctor, or a bad person.