Championing for Children

Portrait of USACS' Dr. Kate Remick, one of the executive leads for the EMS for Children Innovation and Improvement Center (CIIC)


More than 80% of children seek care in general emergency departments – not in children’s hospitals. Yet, to date, hospital licensing and accreditation requirements lack pediatric-specific standards. USACS’ Dr. Kate Remick, one of the executive leads for the EMS for Children Innovation and Improvement Center (CIIC), is setting out to change that by establishing a data registry that will lead to the establishment of national standards of care for pediatric emergencies. She and her team were recently awarded a $1.3 million dollar grant to develop the National Pediatric Readiness Project (NPRP) QI data registry.

The goals of the registry are to

  • Decrease pediatric morbidity and mortality due to critical illness and/or injury across community emergency departments
  • Standardize pediatric emergency care across all U.S. emergency departments
  • Demonstrate the impact of pediatric readiness efforts on quality of pediatric emergency care and health outcomes

The NPRP QI Data Registry will achieve these goals by:

  • Providing a confidential, HIPAA-compliant process for assessing the quality of pediatric emergency care
  • Helping to better understand the efficacy of pediatric evidence-based guidelines for pediatric emergency care through wider adoption
  • Creating a national foundation for a pediatric emergency care data registry
  • Supporting future evaluation of pediatric emergency care across the continuum via linkage to other national data registries
  • Providing a real-time assessment of pediatric emergency care delivery across the United States

She has served, over the past decade, as one of the primary leads for the National Pediatric Readiness Project, the joint national quality improvement effort to ensure that all emergency departments, including those in rural or remote areas, are ready to meet the needs of critically ill and injured children.

In addition to her work with the CIIC, Remick is assistant professor of Pediatrics at Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin, medical director for San Marcos Hays County EMS and associate medical director for Austin/Travis County EMS System.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Remick for her incredible accomplishments. She will also be the keynote speaker at the Pediatric Readiness Course in Austin, TX. Nov. 18-19. The course includes hands-on learning of the most common and critical procedural skills and scenarios, as well as a full day of case-based interactive presentations of the highest risk pediatric scenarios.

Pediatric Readiness '19 in Austin, TX