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Dr. Rob Flint

Observation Medicine Playing Bigger Role in the ER

Traditional observation units often focus on chest pain and a few other diagnosis. But as the health care market continues to change, so has the need to decrease length of stay, decrease re-admissions, and streamline patent care. Accordingly, our Observation Services at Western Maryland Health System continues to grow. We have physically expanded from ten to […]

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New Observation Unit at WMHS Meets Growing Trend

We are proud to announce the opening of a new observation medicine unit at Western Maryland Health System (WMHS) in Cumberland, MD. We believe observation medicine will be a growing specialty as health care reform changes the way health care is delivered in the United States. The concept is to allow a focused, intense evaluation of certain patients […]

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The Future for Overcrowded EDs

At Western Maryland Health System, our daily census of emergency department patients has risen from an average of 150 to 166 over the past 1-2 months. Many people openly acknowledge they can’t get an appointment with their primary care doctor or that no doctor in the area is taking new patients. As health care reform […]

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Thank You To Our EMS Providers

As EMS week draws to a close, I too want to thank all of the EMS providers who do an outstanding job caring for patients under not always the most pleasant of circumstances. Your dedication and contributions to health care is greatly appreciated by all of us at MEP.  I would like to point out […]

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