Thank You To Our EMS Providers

As EMS week draws to a close, I too want to thank all of the EMS providers who do an outstanding job caring for patients under not always the most pleasant of circumstances. Your dedication and contributions to health care is greatly appreciated by all of us at MEP. 

I would like to point out some other less obvious, yet equally important, contributors to the pre-hospital area of health care. There are many people who operate behind the scenes to make the care delivered “on the street” possible.

Those that educate EMS providers deserve a big thank you. That can be the lecturer in the class room, the paramedic that precepts the new student, the nursing staff that allows the students to “tag along” or the physicians that instruct at the bedside. Education makes EMS a profession.

Thank you to all of the educators. There are many who spend countless hours in meetings trying to improve process and protocols. At the state, county and local level, there are always committees looking into what and how can we do it better. Many people volunteer their time and expertise. They do this out of passion for the care of patients.

A very big thank you to all that give their expertise so that we can get the best care to the patient as fast and safely as possible. While each system is different, the cost to keep equipment on the street is enormous. To those that find a way to make that possible, I say thank you so much. Whether that be through budget meetings, board of director meetings, bake sales, you name it, thank you for your dedication and effort to keep the lights on and the wheels turning.

And certainly not least, to all of the support staff at the hospitals and EMS agencies, thank you. Thank you for putting up with us missing deadlines, “forgetting” to fill out paperwork, and not always being reasonable with our requests. Without your dedication and professionalism, life on the street would be much more difficult for providers and patients. I look forward to working with everyone over the next year and celebrating our successes again next year.