The Traveling ED Physician Lifestyle

It is cliché, but I really am living the dream. By being a firefighter traveling physician with US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), I have been able to make my own schedule and pursue some big dreams.

For me, there are few things better than having the ability to get away. The problem many EM colleagues face is they are not able to get away nearly as frequently as they would really like.

As a firefighter, USACS gives me the flexibility to be anywhere on the planet within a month, if I want to plan my schedule that way. Whether I travel to faraway lands or lands nearby, my personal goals are to explore, relax, learn … do things that much of the world can only dream about. Working at USACS has turned those dreams into a reality for me. Now, with all the places in the world that I can go, it really depends on the type of adventure I am hoping to have.

I’ve visited 50 to 60 cities and countries in less than two years from as far away as the deserted beaches of Iceland just to photograph shipwrecks during four-hour sunsets. I can continue my ongoing medical mission work in the Dominican Republic every year, not worried that I will need to work the dates. I can ski, mountain bike, snowmobile or surf anywhere I want, almost anytime.

This is an amazing time in my life, filled with intensity, appreciation and excitement. And if there comes a time I want to permanently relocate somewhere, USACS offers me options from New York to Hawaii. I also get to keep my equity in the company, and there is no backsliding. I stay right where I am for my vesting schedule to become a full partner. I retain all of the excellent benefits of working for USACS, including occurrence and malpractice coverage and tail insurance, my CME account, company funded pension and more.

For now, I’m just glad that option is available to me … if I become interested in permanently relocating. I can’t consider it now though. I need to book some flights.