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Dr. Jesse Irwin

The Story of MEP Book Excerpt: Dr. Jesse Irwin

Editor’s note: the following is an excerpt from a book of stories from USACS founding partner MEP Health. The book chronicles stories about their providers’ lives, values, motivations, and career paths. MEP Health joined USACS in December 2015. Four years of med school, five years in the Navy, and three at residency at George Washington—and […]

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Emergency Medicine Residents: What Will Your Story Be?

It’s Day 2 of ACEP 2014, and, as I have in past years, I’m scrolling through the emergency medicine resident resumes of the young doctors who have visited our booth. And that’s when I decided I just had to look up the etymology of the term, CV. The impulse came as I was looking at […]

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Instead of Duty-Hour Restrictions, Try Bedside Sign Out

As it turns out, reducing the number of hours that residents are allowed to work without taking a break – from 30 down to 16 – actually makes them more stressed out and depressed, results in more clinical errors, and doesn’t lead to their getting any more sleep than they did before. That’s according to […]

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Information Technology in Healthcare is a Mixed Blessing… So Far

Last month, I found myself cursing at the television while watching the network evening news with my wife.  There was a story running about the “atypical presentations” of women and heart disease. Everything from fatigue, to nausea, to dizziness…… “may be signs of a heart attack”. “Oh boy,” I said to my wife, “this is […]

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Are Emergency Medicine Residents Getting More Entrepreneurial?

One needn’t have traveled to Denver for the annual ACEP conference to know that the practice of emergency medicine is undergoing rapid change. But one thing I did sense there is that the new crop of emergency medicine physicians are more interested than ever in understanding and adapting to that change. Leaving the political pundits […]

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