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Dr. Chesney Fowler

Stampede! The Herd Mentality of Recruiting Season

When is peak recruiting season for emergency medicine residents? It depends. Everyone knows about when it starts and roughly when it ends. The first residents to sign usually do so in the summer, and the last are usually picking up the rear sometime in January (on the East Coast, that is). But it’s that start of […]

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Should Female Emergency Physicians Embrace their Femininity?

A new generation of female physicians is reshaping perceptions of our profession: what it takes to succeed, and therefore what sorts of skills, temperaments, and character types belong in our field. The changing demographics of emergency medicine physicians begs a consequential question: should female emergency physicians embrace their femininity on the job? There is the nascent […]

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A Five-Step ACEP15 Action Plan for Job Seekers

Whether it’s the first time you’ve attended or you’ve experienced that four-day long whirlwind in the past, the reality is this: ACEP is a multi-day scientific assembly like no other. There are a lot of informative classes to attend, great people to meet, top-notch dinners to enjoy—and drinks every night. And this year, ACEP takes […]

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Tips for Landing Your First Job as an Emergency Physician

Emergency physicians are in high demand. In fact, there are approximately twice as many jobs as there are physicians to fill them. As a recent graduate, your extensive training and youthful enthusiasm makes you a hot commodity. Just because you are a well-trained physician, though, doesn’t mean you are an expert job-seeker. Many emergency physicians […]

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A Manifesto for How to Hire Millennial Physicians

What does a Millennial physician look like? And, importantly for physicians’ groups, hospitals, and health systems, how do you effectively recruit them to come work for you when they are in such high demand? Much has been written about this generation of over-educated and under-employed young people – all full of entitlement and purpose – […]

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