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Dr. Neil Roy

I Have a Message for Third-Year Emergency Medicine Residents at ACEP

I have a message for 3rd-year residents, particularly those who are walking around to the different exhibitors at ACEP 2014 in Chicago this week looking for a job, thinking about a job, hoping they’ll get a job, or otherwise fearing they might not get a job. Here’s the message: don’t worry. You might think that […]

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Announcing the Inaugural 2013 Observation Medicine Conference

The use of observation medicine to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes is growing every day. But running a financially sound and high quality observation unit is a difficult task. There is a lack of knowledge and systems to properly integrate observation care into the smooth flow and operations of the hospital, not to mention […]

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My Christmas in the ER

A few days ago, I treated a 6-year-old boy who had his first seizure on Christmas morning. In children a new-onset seizure is a pretty terrifying experience. It could be the start of a lifelong seizure disorder, or portend even more serious conditions, such as a brain tumor. The boy had an EEG, which suggested […]

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In the Best Emergency Departments, Teams Save Lives – Not Individuals

My emergency physicians group takes teamwork very seriously, and not just amongst providers, but between all members of the healthcare team. That’s because we know well just how big a difference it makes in patient care. Be it the pre-hospital medic team, nursing, techs, scribes, or patient care managers, we recognize that medicine is a team […]

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