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Dr. Julian Orenstein

A Week of Tragedy and Wonders: Boston, Waco, and Times Like This

Think way back to ten days ago. Kim Jong Un’s bizarre anti-US saber rattling: nuke tipped missiles aimed at a Colorado Springs (located squarely in the heart of Texas). On April 15 he promised hellfire to commemorate his grandfather, the patriarch of his dynasty. Then, at 3pm that Monday, came two near-simultaneous explosions at an […]

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Fungal Meningitis: The New Iatrogenic

As natural disasters go, Hurricane Sandy was about as bad as it gets. But even as we come to expect that hurricanes will continue to arrive with greater frequency and ferocity, it is worth a pause to consider another disaster – this one wholly new, wholly unexpected, and wholly man-made. I am speaking of the […]

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Addiction and Pain: Who Gets a Script?

As if we as ER docs didn’t have enough on our plates already with proliferating drug shortages, adapting to the Affordable Care Act, the capriciousness of a new and very temperamental EMR, and my teenage daughter’s mood swings (wait, how did that get in there?), we also find ourselves under the microscope for our treatment […]

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Twenty Years of Change and the “View from the Box”

Once, a really long time ago, before blogs if you can conceive of such a time, I embarked on a part-time writing career. My subject matter was the parade of frailty, the courage and the just plain bizarre that were to be found daily – hourly – in the ER. My first collection of essays […]

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It’s Mandatory Flu Shot Season Again!

It’s flu season again, which means it’s flu shot season again. As it has last year, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital mandated that all employees get vaccinated, and while most people are compliant, the policy generates a lot of talk. The usual stuff: “I don’t think it really works,” and “I always get sicker from the […]

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