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Dr. Aaron Snyder

Observation Medicine Coming to Shady Grove Adventist

This Fall, we will help our partner Shady Grove Adventist Hospital launch an Observation Medicine Unit aimed at reducing one day admissions and re-admissions. Over $15 billion a year is spent each year on these types of hospital admissions. A majority of this money is spent on Medicare patients, and according to a Medicare Payment Advisory Commission […]

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RAC Audits – Big Brother is Watching You (and Our Hospital Partners too)

In November 2009, the National Medical Fee For Service Error Rate, was estimated by the US government to be $24,000,000,000 dollars. Yes, twenty four BILLION dollars. Well guess what, Uncle Sam wants this back. On January 1, 2011, hospitals nationwide received audits from RAC auditors, or Recovery Audit Contractors. In essence, these are private contractors […]

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